About Human Trafficking

About Human Trafficking

Human trafficking does not always involve direct trade in persons but is often a case of persons being exploited in a way coherent with paragraph § 262 a. of The Danish Criminal Code:

•  The Act – The person has been transported from one place to another – Not necessarily another country. A person can be trafficked within country of origin as well as trafficked multiple times within the same country.

•  The Means – The person has been threatened, coerced or deceived to work, for example in prostitution.

•  The Purpose – For the purpose of exploiting people for own financial gain.
•  The existence of human trafficking can be explained with the basic economical terms of demand and supply.

•  There are certain ‘push-factors’ that make a person more vulnerable to being trafficked. For example economical crisis, which force the individual or a family into the situation. This creates supply.

•  On the other hand, the ‘pull-factors’ are created with demand, for example, for cheep labor or increased demand for sex workers.

•  The Danish Center against Human Trafficking determines that around 90% of cases of human trafficking in Denmark are into the sex industry – to street prostitution or to massage parlors. Furthermore, they say that this statistic can easily change in the future. For example, Finland and Belgium have determined that most cases of human trafficking are into forced labor. (Source: http://www.centermodmenneskehandel.dk/in-english/foreign-women-in-prostitution-in-denmark/where-do-victims-of-huma-trafficking-come-from)

•  There are three categories of countries:

Countries of origin: The countries where the victims most often come from, for example, Nigeria and Thailand. These countries are most often poor and living conditions are harsh.

Transit countries: Countries with mixed rolls, as they have demand for labor from trafficked people but also operate as transit points for channeling victims of trafficking into other countries. Examples of transit countries are Spain and Italy.

Destination countries: Denmark is a good example of a country of destination for victims of trafficking.

The fight against human trafficking is an interdisciplinary field in Denmark as diverse actors work together – including HopeNow and other NGO’s, Danish Center against Human Trafficking and state authorities.

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