About Us

About us

HopeNow was founded in 2007 and since then we have helped more than a thousand trafficked people in Denmark. HopeNow works with, and for, trafficked people on various levels. We offer direct social contact, therapeutic work and legal consultation for trafficked and foreign women in prostitution. We are present in the streets, brothels, detention centers and prisons. Often, women seek out the organization, because they know our help is unconditional and unbiased.

Our goal is to help victims of trafficking to regain their power, so that they can find the strength to take an active part in improving their living conditions, based on assistance to self-help and empowerment. HopeNow is an unbiased, Non Governmental Organization built on voluntary and charity work.


HopeNow fights against all forms of human trafficking. It is our belief that empowering and helping victims of trafficking, to help themselves in regaining their human rights, is the best way to achieve this.


• Preventative work with focus on individual needs

• Ensure available help for victims of trafficking

• Ensure basic human rights for victims of trafficking

• Educate and enhance focus on human trafficking and on our work in Denmark

Because of HopeNow’s actions we have been given the status of an operating Non Governmental partner in The Ministry of Social Affairs ‘Action Plan to Combat Human Trafficking 2011-2014’ (page27)  http://miliki.dk/fileadmin/ligestilling/PDF/Handel/MenneskehandelUKActionplan_2011_web.pdf

HopeNow’s work takes place within Denmark as well as in the countries of origin. HopeNow has developed a rehabilitation program in order to prevent trafficking and to assist victims of trafficking in Africa. Currently, HopeNow is establishing a shelter in Nigeria, which main function is to protect children at risk and to prevent them from falling victims to trafficking.

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