Michelle Mildwater founded HopeNow, a volunteer association, in April 2007. She has worked with trafficked women and foreign women in prostitution in Denmark since 2003.

Michelle Mildwater quickly gained extensive in depth knowledge about the issue. Her focus was African women, primarily from Nigeria.

The founder has worked with outreach work in prostitution environments, prisons and detention centers and has been an advisor in legal and residency matters as well as in attorney-client interviews. Additionally, Michelle Mildwater has worked as a facilitator when women received assistance in the health and social systems.

Michelle Mildwater has travelled twice to Nigeria and been on study tours to Gambia, Uganda and Kenya with the film production company DanishDoc (documentaries).

HopeNow is an acknowledged speaker and lecturer in national and international fora on the topic of human trafficking. Since 2006 HopeNow has been consultant and co-writer of three international anti-trafficking films:

The documentary ”When the Moon is dark” by Anja Dalhoff, shows the work of HopeNow and the truth about human trafficking from Africa to Europe. The international version of the film called Trapped, as shown on CNNs Untold Stories in 2008.

”Kidney on Ice” is about the ethical dilemmas and the globale trade with human organs. ”Affected for life” a film about global human trafficking commissioned by the United Nations Office on Drug and Crime made by Anja Dalhoff and HopeNow in 2009 can be viewed at

HopeNow believes that knowledge and debate are important factors in fighting human trafficking and bettering the circumstances of the victims. That’s why you should contact us, if you want HopeNow to visit and talk about our fight against human trafficking.
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We have received a coveted Danish award for our hands on voluntary work with stigmatized marginalized trafficked women.

In 2010 we received a prize for our innovative work with trafficked migrants called the Heinriech prize.

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