Our Work

Our Work

On daily basis we work on a number of levels with victims of trafficking. HopeNow identifies and documents cases of human trafficking (in cooperation with Danish Centre against Human Trafficking and the Danish Immigration Service). Moreover, we dedicate extended amount of time on psychosocial elements and, in that respect, we have launched an education program focusing on help to self-help.

Psychosocial Work

Most of our contact with victims of trafficking is through direct contact and social work. The many volunteers working for HopeNow create, through their work, important links between the victims, the Danish authorities and the police.

HopeNow has established a street outreach team of volunteers, which gathers on Vesterbro (netkirken.dk) every other Saturday between 23.00 and 03.00 o’clock in the night. The outreach group looks into areas where potential victims of trafficking may be found and hand out cards with information on HopeNow and the Danish Centre against Human Trafficking.

When contact has been established with a victim of trafficking we are able to help, for example, by accompanying the person to a doctor in relation to abortion, an STD check, pregnancy and other issues concerning physiological or psychological health. HopeNow, furthermore, visits victims of trafficking in prisons and documents their stories in order to observe if basic human rights are being upheld. HopeNow’s volunteers also function as assessors in cases of asylum and in court.

The Education Program

The education program is based on giving help to self-help. This means that HopeNow wants to educate and give victims of trafficking the resources to be able to work constructively, on how to best move forward, from their difficult position. Our focus is on the needs of each individual as we try to educate and support as best we can. HopeNow’s volunteers teach Computers, English, Danish and Math amongst other things. Moreover, we have held a variety of workshops.

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