HopeNow believes that knowledge and debate are important factors in fighting human trafficking and to improve the victims’ circumstances. HopeNow, therefore, welcomes requests to visit and give lectures on human trafficking and on HopeNow’s work, as well as, presenting some of the films about human trafficking that we have collaborated in making (see bottom of page).

Since 2007 HopeNow has given lectures and held workshops for Danish Centre against Human Trafficking and The Nest International, as well as, in diverse schools, churches, Universities etc. Furthermore, we have given lectures in Athens, Bangkok and Munich on corruption and human trafficking for Transparency International.


Elisabeth Berg has worked at independent boarding schools for lower secondary students for over 40 years. She has given lectures all over the country, teaching students about human trafficking. Read her blog and contact her.

Michelle Mildwater, founder of HopeNow, has given lectures for Transparency International on the connection between human trafficking and corruption. Michelle has also visited Interpol to discuss ethics and methods when interrogating or interviewing victims of trafficking.

HopeNow’s other employees have also taught and given lectures at Universities and other educational institutions.

Comments on lectures

Østersøen high school:

The lecture gave us an insight into the complex and neglected issue of human trafficking and its hidden operation in our society. Listening to real examples of individuals, and their fate, affected us emotionally and left us aware of the problem.

Ulrik Noringriis, high school student:

I thought it was really nice of HopeNow to come here and present the issue of trafficked women to us. I found it very exciting to hear about it! I did not know it existed in Denmark. I think it would be a good idea to present the issue at other schools because one should be aware what goes on in the world and especially when it happens so close to us.

Casper Lambertsen, high school student:

I thought it was really exciting. I knew about trafficked women because I had seen it on TV but I did not know that women where being trafficked to Denmark on such a large scale and that it was so bad. I thought the lecture was good and that is was great that you could come to us. It was great that you had a movie screening instead of ‘just’ talking the whole time.

Please contact us for further information by writing to us on E-mail.

Check out these documentaries, which we have collaborated in producing:

Affected for Life, 2009, commisioned by UNODC

When the Moon is Dark, 2006, Danish Doc, renamed Trapped and screened on CNN in 2008. It can be purchased at HopeNow’s office for 150 Danish crowns.


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