Gloria’s Story

Part 1 

…She thought she was going to babysit

Gloria’s uncle sent her to meet with John. John was going to help her get to Europe where she could work as a babysitter. Gloria´s family paid large amounts of money for this arrangement and Gloria also had to swear to her Gods that she would pay John additional 50.000 Euros for his help. This is done as a religious ritual ‘juju’, where the Gods enter her body and she realizes that if she ever breaks the oath she will loose her mind or die.

In order to fully understand the significance of the ritual, it is important to emphasize that juju is a well-documented problem for victims of trafficking from certain African countries. It is the invisible thread between them and it is as powerful as a real trafficker breathing down their neck.

John took Gloria to the airport. He retained her ID documents and flight ticket and did not sit beside her on the flight. When they landed in Madrid, John approached Gloria again and led her to a car where another man awaited them. She did not see John for 2 years after this.

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