Video: HopeNows work told by Michelle Mildwater

Michelle Mildwater, founder of HopeNow, tells about her work for and with trafficked people in Denmark. The video is made as a part of the Global Leadership Summit (GLS) conference in Copenhagen, where hundreds of leaders participated. The video begins with a short clip from “When the moon is dark” by Anja Dalhof, which is […]

A short interview about the work of HopeNow

Journalist, Ronja Pilgaard, made in 2014 a short amateur video about HopeNow. Founder, Michelle Mildwater describes some of HopeNow’s work: for example our target group, including criteria for the identification of trafficked people and a overview of our ongoing work with marginalized, stigmatized trafficked people.

Tv-spot made by students from Århus University

HopeNow was in february visiting århus University, where we enlighten the students about our anti-trafficking work. Three groups was inspired and delevoped some different tv-spots for HopeNow, which shows the depersonalisation of  human trafficking and the importance of our work with trafficked people. If you want to se the danish tv-spots also, look here We […]

Fåborgegnens Efterskole enlightening event

On April 14th, the students from Fåborgegnens Efterskole will try to add some *light in the dark* for trafficked persons in Denmark by hosting a supporting event for, and with, HopeNow to raise awareness. We will hear from inspirational speakers such as Rosa Lund from the Red-Green Alliance and HopeNow’s founder Michelle Mildwater, who will put […]

CATERING – a show about human trafficking

Come to Edison to see CATERING – a show about human trafficking. “CATERING takes you on a journey through lechery, shame, innocence and survival. Along the hallways and corridors at a normal block of flats, the audience will be guided through three acts, three destinies and three realities. What happens when adults are turned on […]

Newsletter April 2015

Fundraising for trafficked people As a part of this Spring newsletter, HopeNow has started a collection to enable you to share the joy of Spring with the men and women we work both with and for. On the fundraising site, BetterNow, you can make a donation – and whether you can afford the equivalent of […]

Newsletter February 2015

A New Year for HopeNow A year has passed and a new one has begun. In 2015 we will continue to build on the good initiatives and experiences that HopeNow have accomplished throughout 2014. The last year allowed for great progress. HopeNow became aware of new vulnerable groups within our psychosocial area, and developed various […]

HopeNow’s new interns for the spring 2015

HopeNow has in the spring 2015 welcomed two new interns, Anne-Mette and Hibaq, who respectively study Psychology and Social Studies at Roskilde University and Social Work at Metropol. Their work will among other things consist of communication, documentation and the (psycho)social work with the vulnerable groups that HopeNow have contact with. With their relevant skills […]

Center against Human Trafficking’s campaign in Copenhagen

The nationwide campaign “Stop trafficking” comes to Copenhagen with the touring exhibition “WHAT YOU DON’T SEE”. The exhibition opens monday the 12th of january to saturday the 31th of january. Every day humans get trafficked to prostitution or forced labour – unfortunately that happens in Denmark too. Accordingly Manu Sareen and Center against Human Trafficking have […]

Newsletter December 2014

Partnership with Kenyan NGO Michelle Mildwater and Sune Barker from HopeNow have been in Kenya in November to establish a new partnership with a Kenyan anti-trafficking NGO. Human trafficking is a global phenomenon that we cannot combat alone, which is why international partnerships are a high priority in HopeNow. The new partnership is a great […]