Become a volunteer or intern

Would you like to make a difference and help fight human trafficking?

HopeNow is very much dependent on qualified and motivated volunteers. As a volunteer in HopeNow you will take part in making a big difference to people who are exposed to human trafficking and at the same time you will be part of an exciting working environment where you will meet a lot of fantastic and skilled volunteers.

We have various kinds of volunteers from different cultures and age groups and with different professional skills. We appreciate a strong and diverse team of motivated people who are passionate about helping others.

At the moment we particularly need volunteers in the following areas:

  • Outreach workers (from 12midnight to 5 a.m. on saturday nights and a few weekdays)
  • Economics and accountancy (for example a person in early retirement who has knowledge about accountancy)
  • Webmasters
  • Translators
  • Teachers for English, Danish and sometimes Spanish
  • People to document who are proactive and systematic
  • People who can do video/photography and photoediting

You are welcome to contact HopeNow and apply to be a volunteer but you have to:

- be available minimum 4 hours a week for minimum 6 months

- send us a motivated application and a CV

Every half year we also need university students as interns. You are welcome to contact us and apply to be an intern, but you have to:

- be available, minimum 32 hours a week for at least 4 months

- send us a motivated application and a CV

- speak and write Danish and English fluent


Statements from former interns:

“It has been a rewarding and positive experience to be an intern at HopeNow. During the last six months of the internship I have experienced a lot of various areas of the work of a NGO. Also I acquired a lot of knowledge on the phenomenon of human trafficking. HopeNow is a dynamic and unique organization, which makes a direct difference to trafficked people in Denmark – and as an intern it is cool to be where things happens. During the internship I did not only get a thorough insight into the legal and institutional system which surrounds human trafficking but I also got the opportunity to closely follow the people that HopeNow works with and for.” (Sofie, 2012, Roskilde University: International development and Culture and encounter).


“As an intern at HopeNow I have faced a lot of different tasks, people and situations. All things considered my 5 months as an intern at HopeNow has been incredible rewarding and informative. I have had the opportunity to work with a wide range of tasks, some of which I have handled on my own. This has sometimes been challenging but it has given me the ability to be willing to adapt and the opportunity to develop my personal set of skills. I have gotten insight in how a NGO functions. Even if I sometimes have faced a lot of stressful, confusing and challenging situations in the workplace, I have also experienced many positive, happy and funny moments, where the results of hard work shows.  Last but not least the social work environment meant a lot for my motivation because of the dedication and the great team spirit from everybody.” (Atia, 2014, Roskilde University: Culture and encounter and Communication)


If you have any questions or want to be a part of the team and our work, please contact us, or send an application to:



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