59,000 Danish Signatures against Human Trafficking

Thursday February 10th Secretary of Equality, Lykke Friis, will accept 59,000 Danish signatures against human sex trafficking in children and youth.  They are collected via a Body Shop campaign, where HopeNow has been a partner.

The secretary’s office is too small for a large delegation. Thus the plan is as follows:

Interested activist will gather in front of the Østergade 33 (Strøget) Body Shop at 3:30 PM and march together to the minister’s building, let the delegation leave with the signatures and continue to Christiansborg.

There will be a small reception at Christiansborg starting 4:45 PM awaiting the return of the delegation. They will tell about the event and show a film recorded there. Also they’ll tell what is to become of the 59,000 signatures. The reception is expected to end at 6 PM.

To participate please contact Marianne Gulløv (Marianne.Gullov@thebodyshop.com).

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