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Michelle Mildwater founded the grassroots non-governmental organisation (NGO) HopeNow in April 2007 and she is currently the head of the organisation. Michelle has worked with trafficked women and foreign women in prostitution in Denmark since 2003, thus has extensive in-depth knowledge about the issues surrounding human trafficking and exploitation. Read more here.


HopeNow is an independent volunteer association. As such we rely heavily on volunteers in all aspects of our work, from outreach to administration and fundraising, and usually have between 10 and 20 engaged individuals devoting their time to our organisation. We also employ a small paid staff and a Board of Trustees. Read more here.


Our primary goals are to empower trafficked people and lobby for their human rights and protection.
Our mission is to disrupt human trafficking in all its forms in Denmark and globally. Read more here.


HopeNow receives funding from different sources including the Department for Equality at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs under the National Action Plan for Combatting Human Trafficking 2015-2018 and an ongoing project on human trafficking and its links to escort work and discreet/private prostitution; from Civilsamfund i Udvikling (CISU); from the Ministry of Social Affairs PUF (funding for social and volunteer work) pool; from private donations and independently organised fundraising events. Read more here.


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