Benefit Concert at Vega

Cocktails Against Injustice is hosting an event Thursday December 16th, 8 PM at Ideal Bar, Vega, for the benefit of trafficked women. Listen to good music and get meaningful Christmas cards like “Buy a dentist”, “Buy a chiropractor” or “Buy health care”. The collected funds are donated to HopeNow.

It’s going to be a wonderful evening with live music by Norway’s answer to Katie Melua, singer/songwriter Marte Wulff and the Danish singer/guitarist Christoffer Gregersen. Both perform for free supporting the cause.

Part of the money is given to Media Village, a partner i Nigeria, from where many of the trafficked women come.  Both organizations inform young women about the realities awaiting them, if they accept the middlemen’s offer of work in Europe.

Cocktails Against Injustice has previously collected 10.000 kr. for the association. The money is used in the work with  trafficked. Among other expenses, fund have been spent for transport to doctor’s appointments, if they have been raped suffer from back problems due to many hours in the streets or servicing men sexually.

Dentist work is very expensive. Some women get their teeth knocked out in violent encounters or need care due to i.e. inflammations. Sometimes it is necessary to use taxi to send women to councelling or advice on health issues.  Even clothing has been purchased for women working the ice cold streets in thin summer wear.

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