CATERING – a show about human trafficking

Come to Edison to see CATERING – a show about human trafficking.

“CATERING takes you on a journey through lechery, shame, innocence and survival. Along the hallways and corridors at a normal block of flats, the audience will be guided through three acts, three destinies and three realities.

What happens when adults are turned on by faceless meat and follow their lust? When children get betrayed by men’s desire and women who turn their back to them? When the only chance to survive is to sell the most precious you have…

CATERING is a gritty and intense story, where audience look into the room through a curtain; so close that the line between blame and innocence dissolves.”

After the play the 31th of march, Reden’s leader will together with the instructor be talking about trafficked women from the show and the reality.

The show is only playing for three more days, so hurry up and buy your tickets here!


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