Denmark – Scandinavia’s Last Brothel

The large Danish tabloid Ekstra Bladet writes (in Danish) april 1st in a major feature on prostitution and human trafficking using knowledge from HopeNow and tv-features on CNN. The point is that Denmark, compared to the other Scandinavian countries, is the last brothel in the region. Sweden has banned purchase of sex years ago and reduced prostitution significantly.

According to police half of the prostitutes in Denmark used to be natives. Nowadays the majority are from Africa or Eastern Europe. Founder of HopeNow, Michelle Mildwater, estimates that duritng the last two years the number of African sexworkers in Denmark has trippled.

The mission of HopeNow is to fight trafficking to sex-work or other illicit tasks.

– Changing the law to criminalize sex-customers is not the whole solution, but it could be an element in a strategy for get rid of trafficking, says Anne Brand Christensen, chairman of HopeNow to the paper. Some client will be eliminated, but the risk is to make life even tougher on the sex-workers by sweeping the problems under the rug – they may not disappear.

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