Help is available

We trust your story and respect the way you want to get help.

People who seek our help are some of the most resilient and strong people you can come across. Your story is more than the way you have been abused and exploited. 

You have options. 
HopeNow provides confidential legal counselling and advice for people with or without documents. This stands regardless of your status here in Denmark.

We trust your story

HopeNow does outreach work on the streets, prisons, asylum centres, refugeecamps and deportation centres. 

We have 14 years of experience in helping people with desperate problems. Trust is a core value for us. We keep your identity and your story a secret. Your story is your story. 

When there is life, there is hope.  

We offer anonymous help and support

Offer therapeutic support

We offer you therapeutic support and trauma therapy so that you can process trauma and gain improved self-esteem.

bridge building between you and Danish authorities

We offer support, guidance and advice based on your individual situation and wants. If you decide to take on a prepared repatriation, we are able to provide contact to local NGO’s outside Denmark and in your home country.

Free legal advice

We offer legal assistance and refer you to legal representation in prisons, refugee camps, and hearings in the courtroom.

Offer medical support and referrals

We refer women and men without legal residence to a free health clinic. We refer women to a shelter providing counselling, care and educational activities.

Connect with the
Hope inside you

We will listen to you if you choose to seek help and support. We will walk alongside you on your own way toward freedom.

Contact us if
you say yes to these questions

HopeNow seeks to focus on what the individual wants. HopeNow works with the target group, based on a psychosocial approach, to strengthen the individual’s opportunity to participate in their life situation with help to self-help and empowerment.

Our efforts are thus based on an understanding of meeting the individual where they are when the contact is established. HopeNow’s work caters to various needs and generally spans a wide range of different activities.
Regarding the terminology for dealing with the complexities of trafficking, HopeNow is required to use the phrase ‘victim of trafficking to achieve legal recognition and protection for a trafficked person.

In HopeNow’s daily social work and from a human to human perspective, however, HopeNow uses the words’ trafficked persons/people’ or ‘survivors of trafficking’.

People who know about trafficking have experienced that trafficked persons are some of the most resilient and strong people you can come across. Their identity consists of far more than being exploited, and they deserve our utmost respect.

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