En af de gode historier

At gøre en forskel

HopeNow arbejder ufortrødent for at hjælpe mennesker som har været og er udsat for menneskehandel hver dag. Vi støder ofte på mange sørgelige historier, som inkluderer vold, bedrageri, psykisk og fysisk tortur, voldtægt, daglige trusler og meget andet.
Men iblandt disse tragiske skæbner er der stadig håb –  her er en besked fra en af de handlede mænd, som HopeNow har hjulpet.

“I want to give my sincere thanks to HopeNow for all the support your staff have provided over the last 4 years.

I was in a very bad state when you met me for the first time and you gave me counseling and listened to my  problems. Hopenow gave me free legal aid, free counseling and therapy which has also included  my little  family.

Both my wife and I suffered badly at the hands of traffickers and experienced many terrible traumas over many years. We had both nearly given up all hope. My wife was in prison here because she had no papers and you visited her many times and comforted her and finally got her released to a women crisis center.

Our minds were in danger of collapsing  over all these years, if you had not been there for us. Sometimes, we were so angry that we even blamed you and said you were not doing enough.

Our case would have been lost if not for your patience and your determination to continue to fight for us both. Our little child  now has a mother and father who together will stand to fight for justice and the hope for a new life. Now we can give back to Denmark who through HopeNow has given us life and freedom and dignity.

We will try not to let you down , get work, pay our taxes and be good citizens in this small cold but safe country. We both risked execution in the African countries we come from and this is the truth I swear by my God and my mothers life.”

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