HopeNow Collaborates with IF YOU SPEAK UP, WE WILL JOIN

HopeNow was honoured to be invited to speak on a webinar panel for the innovative IF YOU SPEAK UP, WE WILL JOIN on the 11th June.

It was due to be a live event but CV19 prevented us from meeting face to face and survivor Jewel giving a live performance.

Since we were founded, HopeNow has included whenever possible trafficked people in a dynamic way, directly in our work. Victims of the crime of trafficking should never be stuck with the label of being victims. They are more often than not creative, courageous and powerful human beings, whom we in HopeNow – a small NGO combating human trafficking – are privileged to have learnt so much from.

Our founder, who is a trauma therapist, and our peer group worker, a survivor of trafficking, shared some of our creative methods of working and the challenges we face to combat trafficking in a brief talk for IF YOU SPEAK OUT, WE WILL JOIN. Please open the links and read the narratives of just 3 people out of the hundreds HopeNow has provided services for since 2007.

Jewel’s story: https://ifyouspeakup.com/2020/06/12/jewels-story-the-only-way-out-is-through/
Pat’s story: https://ifyouspeakup.com/2020/06/12/pats-story/
Jennifer’s story: https://ifyouspeakup.com/2020/06/12/jennifers-story/

We in HopeNow wish to extend our thanks to the survivors who shared their stories with us. They are truly strong and inspiring individuals.

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