HopeNow’s 10 year Anniversary Photo Diary

The evening started with a powerful reading called “BESÆTTELSE” (Occupation) by Yong Sun Gullach accompanied on guitar by Mikkel Andersen. The piece is critique of the practice of transnational adoption and Yong Sun finished her performance with some interesting facts that highlight the connection between transnational adoption and human trafficking

Aftenen begyndte med en mægtig læsning kaldet “BESÆTTELSE” af Yong Sun Gullach, ledsage af Mikkel Andersen (guitar). Stykket er en kritik af brugen af tværnational adoption og Yong Sun afsluttede hendes præstation med nogle interessante fakta, der fremhæver forbindelsen mellem tværnational adoption og menneskehandel




Michele then spoke about the history of HopeNow and afterwards we watched a short video that tells parts of the story of one of the women HopeNow has worked with, Monica (who features in the documentary by Anja Dalhoff, Dancing with Monica).





Midway through the evening we enjoyed some music by John Motumbo, a well known singer and guitarist from the Congo, who not only took time out of his European tour to be with us, but also wrote and performed a song he has entitled HopeNow.

Halvvejs igennem, nyd vi musik fra John Motumbo, en velkendt sanger og guitarist fra Congo, som ikke kun tog tid ud af sin europæiske tour til at være sammen med os, men også skrev og sang en sang, han har kaldt for HopeNow.



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