Invitation to Anti Trafficking Day

Men and women are trafficked and exploited to forced labour in Denmark. To mark this year’s Anti Trafficking Day, HopeNow brings into focus a side of human trafficking, which only rarely is in the public eye. 

HopeNow marks this year’s Anti Trafficking Day by bringing into focus the exploitation of trafficked people to forced labour. There has emerged an increased international attention towards this area, which until now seldom have been in the public eye. HopeNow contributes to a European campaign called Used In Europe made in cooperation with the NGO Platform, organized by the Dutch organization La Strada International. In cooperation with 28 anti-trafficking NGO’s, the campaign documents and brings into focus how men and women are trafficked to forced labour in Europe.

The 18th of October HopeNow marks the European Anti-Trafficking Day with an event to raise awareness of the issue of forced labour in Europe and launch the campaign.

We will show a new international film, that informs about the meeting with forced labour in Denmark and give the HopeNow award 2014. Attend the event and get new knowledge about human trafficking and forced labour in Denmark.

We look forward to see you!

Time: Saturday the 18th of October, 13.00-15.00
Place: Brandstationen, entrance from Store Kannikestræde 11-13, Copenhagen K, through the backyard.
Registration: Please sign up here. It is free to attend the event.


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