Kommentarer fra teaterstykket TRUST

“The most powerful part of “Trust” was hearing Joy tell her story in her own way. Talking about human trafficking in generalities and statistics can cause it to feel very distant, but sitting five feet away from someone who actually lived it, listening to her recount her experiences, made the issue immediate, personal and undeniable in a way that academic lectures simply cannot. It made me feel the horror and injustice in an extremely visceral way.” (Gæst som så teaterstykket)

“The narrative theater piece TRUST allowed me to  gain some insight into how stigma and cultural barriers affect the way trafficked people are treated by law enforcers, and possible ways those problems could be/are combatted. We had a really lively discussion in class the next day and the whole class felt they had not only been inspired but also  made more curious to try to understand human trafficking from many more perspectives.” (Studerende fra DIS)

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