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HopeNow meets more trafficked men

HopeNow is meeting  more trafficked men, both in our outreach work and through referrals from other people whom HopeNow has previously helped.
In the beginning of this Summer we have already identified three trafficked men.  A man from East Africa, one from West Africa and one from the Middle East. They have different cultural backgrounds and different personal stories, but one thing is for sure – they all need help. Especially because they were not identified as trafficked nor got  the support they needed, before they received help from HopeNow. The men were not trafficked into prostitution, instead they were exploited in forced labor and different kinds of crime.
Two of the men were especially vulnerable, because they had been homeless for many years. This vulnerability was ruthlessly exploited by the traffickers who trafficked and exploited the men. Many people are still surprised that trafficking of men also happens in Denmark.  HopeNow does a lot of work to create awareness about this phenomenon so trafficked men receive the same help and protection as trafficked women in Denmark, which is not the case at this moment. 

Theater with G!RL BE HEARD
– an insight in a trafficked person’s life

On the 27th and 29th of June HopeNow invited members, volunteers and cooperative partners to the theater  to experience the theatre group Girl Be Heard from the US with the performance ‘TRAFFICKED’ that focuses on the many facets of human trafficking and the many challenges that young girls meet around the world.  Fresh from performances at the Global Conference to End Sexual Violence in Conflict in London, G!RL BE HEARDs performance offered a mix of dramatic and humorous acts, musical features and information about human trafficking.
The performance presented human trafficking as a world wide problem in a creative and experimental way and at the same time it also showed us the personal storyas the performance was built on real trafficking stories. It was a successful evening with over 300 guests who attended the festive evening at the Betty Nansen Theatre where The Body Shop and Innocent Juice donated gorgeous goodie bags and delicious juice for everybody. The more intimate performance in the Student’s House CPH was also a success and as planned, the performance helped us create a  further focus on human trafficking in Denmark with a lot of interesting questions from the audience. Also, HopeNow got many  new members who support our work in supporting and empowering trafficked people in Denmark.  

The two theater events are part of the CSR-work which HopeNow does, as the events were a cooperation between HopeNow, the American Embassy in Copenhagen, C:NTACT, DIS and Studenterhuset Copenhagen., supported by The Body Shop Denmark and Innocent Juice. If your workplace or business is interested in a CSR-cooperation or sponsorship with HopeNow, we would love to hear from you on email to

The pictures are from the performance at the Betty Nansen Theatre where HopeNow registered new members


Are they really “real” victims of trafficking?
– The debate about immigration and human trafficking

Lately there was been a number of articles and interviews in connection with Sine Plambech’s Ph.d.-dissertation Points of departure – Life after human trafficking in Western Europe, where she focuses on a connection between human trafficking of women to the sex industry and immigration. In Danish media this has raised the question whether one can speak of human trafficking at all, if women know they will be working in prostitution when they come to Europe – because is human trafficking then not just an immigration strategy and no crime? Immigration then becomes the women’s solution to their real problem like for example poverty.

HopeNow worries which effect this dissertation will have for the protection of trafficked people in Denmark from a legal/criminal justice perspective. Through many years HopeNow have met more than a thousand trafficked people who deal with a very different reality than the one Sine Plambech describes. They live in a world with threats, violence and massive pressure from Madams and traffickers to pay enormous sums of money. Legally for the definition of human trafficking, it makes no difference whether women know that they will work in prostitution or not. The essential element is the EXPLOITATION which they are subjected to. Women who know that they are going to work in prostitution are not less exploited nor treated better by madams and traffickers who force enormous sums of money from them in forced prostitution. HopeNow does not see trafficking as a mirror of global migration, but as a criminal and massive violation of human rights.

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