Newsletter December 2014

Partnership with Kenyan NGO

Michelle Mildwater and Sune Barker from HopeNow have been in Kenya in November to establish a new partnership with a Kenyan anti-trafficking NGO. Human trafficking is a global phenomenon that we cannot combat alone, which is why international partnerships are a high priority in HopeNow. The new partnership is a great opportunity to share knowledge and experiences in order to better understand the pull- and push-factors behind the emergence of human trafficking.

In the cases, where a trafficked person is send back to country of origin by the Danish authorities, it is a great advantage for us to cooperate with local NGOs, to be able to follow up on the situation of the individual. Through the partnership in Kenya, HopeNow can work preventive against human trafficking. In Kenya the foundation of the partnership was established with an information campaign, where former trafficked people work to raise awareness about the conditions of trafficked people and what you can to the avoid being trafficked.


HopeNow’s Michelle Mildwater and Sune Barker together with our new partners from the anti-trafficking NGO in Kenya.

HopeNow wins european award

HopeNow has won The European Crime Prevention Award 2014, which was awarded the 5th of december at a conference in Rome. The theme for this year’s price, which is given by the European Crime Prevention Network (EUCPN), is prevention of human trafficking. HopeNow has been nominated by the Danish Crime Prevention Council, who states the reason for their nomination of HopeNow with these words:

“We emphasize that HopeNow is a praiseworthy and a great example of a preventive organization, that stops additional exploitation of vulnerable people with major existential problems, who are at risk of becoming victims of even more crimes, by very few resources and mainly by voluntary work. The project is focused on empowerment of the individuals, who has been exposed to human trafficking, to be able to reestablish their lives again, and in that way avoid revictimization. The project is well structured and is based on clear methods to help and support trafficked people in Denmark and other countries, which can be an inspiration.”

Read more about the award here.

Education of volunteers in HopeNow

This fall all HopeNow volunteers have had the chance to participate in a number of relevant and interesting workshops. Engaged volunteers are very important to HopeNow’s work for and with trafficking people, and therefor it is important to qualify our volunteers the best way possible for this work.

HopeNow has arranged workshops with a number of competent teachers, who together have given the volunteers an insight on the many different aspects of the work with trafficked people. Our volunteers have been educated in both legal, cultural, social and psychological parts of the work. We would like to thank the skilled and inspiring workshop-teachers: lawyer Anne Brandt Christensen, professor in African Studies Niels Kastfelt, trauma therapist Lisbeth Ingvartsen Robers, psychotherapists Liz Whitta-Jørgensen and Viggo Müller, and director in Anti Trafficking Consultants Andy Desmond.


Andy Desmond, director in Anti Trafficking Consultants, is a former policeman and investigator at Scotland Yard. He shared his experiences with the volunteers from his investigations in the international criminal networks behind human trafficking.

HopeNow cooperate on the new action plan against human trafficking

The government is working on a new action plan for the work against human trafficking, which will become effective in 2015. HopeNow wishes to affect the process, so the result will be as good as possible for trafficked people’s situation in Denmark. In cooperation with a NGO-network, consisting of HopeNow, Pro Vest and The Nest International, we had an audience with The Gender Equality Committee the 3rd of december to advocate for 5 specific recommendations, that we have agreed on in the NGO-network:

1. Longer reflection periods including the possibility of qualifying programs for trafficked people
2. Prepared return – there should be opportunity of other kinds of voluntary returns than through IOM
3. Victims of human trafficking should be able to get residence permission – also in practice
4. A National Rapporteur on the area of human trafficking is recommended
5. Focus on outreach work – also with focus on minors and men

We hope that the new action plan will become an even better foundation for our further work to combat human trafficking and assist the people, who have been exposed to human trafficking.

Christmas event in UKirken

The 11th of December HopeNow invites you all to a Christmas event with music, sweets and a Christmas lottery. We will mark this year’s effort for trafficked people in Denmark with an evening for volunteers, members, and everyone who are interested in HopeNow’s work. Bring your friends and family to a nice evening to support a good cause. UKirken at Vesterbro has been so kind to lend us their beautiful church. The music will be provided by the musicians Jacob Thomsen and Martin Rude, who will play some of their own music.

We will sell cake, coffee and tea, and have a Christmas lottery where you can win nice prizes. The proceeds go directly to HopeNows work with and for trafficked people in Denmark.

Entrance: Free
Time: 11th of December from 19.00-21.30
Place: UKirken, Dannebrosgade 53, 1660 Copenhagen V
OBS: We only accept cash in the bar!

See the Facebook event here.

We are looking forward to see you!

UKirken is a youth church at Vesterbro, which will be the location for HopeNows cosy and informal christmasevent the 11th of december.

Merry Christmas!



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