Newsletter February 2015

A New Year for HopeNow

A year has passed and a new one has begun. In 2015 we will continue to build on the good initiatives and experiences that HopeNow have accomplished throughout 2014. The last year allowed for great progress. HopeNow became aware of new vulnerable groups within our psychosocial area, and developed various programs for and with the people we work with. Furthermore, it was a year where new collaborations were made and an exciting partnership was established in East Africa.

We look forward to a new year working towards our on-going goals to reach out to an even greater number of trafficked people and strengthening HopeNow’s efforts. Additionally, we will focus our efforts in expanding the network of people who support HopeNow through collaborations, members and qualified volunteers. Our supporters are the driving force in our work against human trafficking. You make a difference and we greatly appreciate your continued support!

HopeNow lecture about human trafficking

Education and debates on human trafficking is a central focus in the work against human trafficking. Just in the first month of 2015, HopeNow has already been invited to provide lectures in the cities of Århus and Munich.

I january, HopeNow’s Founder, Michelle Mildwater, and Chairwoman Anne Brandt Christensen, were invited to discuss the issue of human trafficking with Erasmus-students at the KFSH University in Munich. They shared their knowledge about the cultural, legal, social and psychological aspects of human trafficking, which was received with a great interest from the students and the institution:

“Thank you for the great course last week. It was so passionate and informative. For me it was definitely the most interesting (and important) lecture this semester. Thank you for your admirable work and please come back soon!” – Franz Dorn

HopeNow’s Program Manager, Sune Min Barker, visited Aarhus Business College during their “Students in a Global World “ themed week for the third year in a row. Sune and HopeNow’s Project Coordinator, Maiken Andersen, lead a discussion with approximately 200 students on the underlying global root causes of human trafficking. The students described HopeNow’s presentation as the most interesting lecture of their themed week.

Additionally, HopeNow’s Elisabeth Berg visited fifteen Danish boarding schools to discuss HopeNows work and the plight of trafficked people. On HopeNow’s Facebook page one of Rinkenæs school’s students wrote;

“A really good lecture that goes right to the heart and leaves you with good insight in how important it really is to be aware of human trafficking and how terrible it is for the involved!”

HopeNow is delighted with the great interest for the organization’s knowledge on human trafficking. We believe that education and debate are key elements in the fight against human trafficking.

If you or somebody you know is interest in inviting HopeNow to your company or school to discuss human trafficking or HopeNow’s work, visit our website for more information here

200 students at Aarhus Business College attended Sune and Maikens’s lecture on the push and pull factors of trafficking

Interview with HopeNow in the News

On january 23rd, DR1’s news focuses on the Danish government’s efforts in combatting human trafficking. Chairwoman Anne Brandt Christensen, discussed the missing initiatives from the government. In the government platform from 2011 they promised to expand their efforts in helping trafficked women on which Anne commented:  “It is not our experience that the government has made a huge difference in the fight against trafficking. There is still opportunity to make a lot of money as a trafficker and at the same time there is a low risk of getting caught.” Anne continued by discussing the government in providing sufficient resources in investigating traffickers.

You can see the news broadcast here and read a more detailed interview with Anne Brandt and others focusing on the issue, here.

HopeNow hosted quaterly anti-trafficking meeting

In the beginning of february, HopeNow hosted the first quaterly meeting in which delegates from the government agencies, NGO’s and Center against Human Treafficking met to create an even better dialogue and discuss current anti-trafficking topics.

Themeday at Funen

On tuesday the 19th of february, HopeNow had a very succesful fund and awareness raising event when Midtfyns Boardingschool, The congregation of Søndre Nærå and HopeNow’s volunteer, Elisabeth berg, worked together to arrange a themeday to support HopeNow.

There was a movie and pictures about HopeNow’s work with human trafficked victims and Michelle Mildwater gave speeches at the school and later at a Church service.

During the day one could win a lot of great prices at the lottery, listen to music played by the students, buy books and food from the various stalls. There was an auction where to the artist, Astrid Søe, donated the sculpture, “Handle with care” and where students from the boardingschool sold themselves to be “slave for a day”. The auction with the scuplture is still running, so if you are interested contact Elisabeth Berg on:

Altogether the contributions from the themeday came to 11.000kr. At HopeNow we are very grateful for the support and the work of Midtfyns boardingschool, The contegration of Søndre Nærå and our volunteer, Elisabeth Berg!

The sculpture, “Handle with Care”, from Astrid Søe

A party for HopeNow

Christmas is the time of the year for giving. On his own initiative, Lasse Søndergaard Winther arranged a party to support HopeNow. Guests were invited to donate things to be auctioned off to support HopeNow’s work. The auction made a profit of approximately 1500 kr., which will go directly to the work with and for trafficked people. HopeNow is very grateful for this initiative!

HopeNow is thrilled with any initiative to push anti-trafficking work forward. If you have an idea that you would like to share with us, please let us know by contacting this email:

A series of Concerts for HopeNow

Danish cellist Anja Lillemæhlum from Danish National Academy of Music has been so kind to dedicate a series of concerts “The Quiet Voice” to HopeNow’s work. Therefore, we are happy to anounce two concerts in March with music including Norwegian Folk, Baroque, new Classical, as well as Lillemæhlums own music.

HopeNow will discuss the issue of human trafficking, recount the stories of several trafficked persons and the organization’s work to help them. It was these stories that inspired Anja to donate the concerts to help HopeNow. At these concerts, you will also have the opportunity to offer your support through charitable donations or a membership to HopeNow.

You can read more about Anja Lillemæhlum here and listen to samples of her music here.


Date, time and place:

18th of March 12.00 pm at the Jerusalemschurch,
Rigensgade 19, 1316 København

31th of March kl. 19.30 at Timotheuschurch,
Christen Bergs Allé 5, 2500 Valby

We look forward to seeing you at the concerts!


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