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Danish National Action Plan to Combat Human Trafficking

As part of the governmental action plan to combat human trafficking 2019-2021 HopeNow has a mandate to find and identify trafficked women and men and as such is a recognized partner in the human trafficking area. Read more here.

HopeNow is striving towards best practices in all work and in all activities, and HopeNow focuses constantly to create more favourable conditions and policies for people impacted by trafficking. HopeNow works holistically with a multidisciplinary approach, which involves economic, legal and psycho-social aspects of the victim’s lives. As such HopeNow works with possible trafficked and identified trafficked persons on different levels, which includes many different activities.

Outreach Work

Outreach work is the key activity of HopeNow. Through outreach HopeNow contact potential and identified trafficked persons. Outreach provides HopeNow with a gateway to to reach the target group and opens up a two-way path – HopeNow reach the trafficked persons and subsequently more of them reach HopeNow. Read more here.

Between 2007 and 2019 HopeNow has screened more than 10.000 potential trafficked/trafficked persons and provided support for approximately 2000 individuals.

HopeNow is available day and night through the hotline and supports and counsels both old and new clients on a daily basis.

HopeNow accompanies and is assessor for trafficked persons whenever required, in connection with meetings in court, meetings with police and authorities, lawyers, hospital and doctor visits etc. HopeNow is also a bridge builder to other organisations in the area, e.g. Center against Human Trafficking and Reden International, who run a safe-house.


On a national level HopeNow cooperates with other civil organisations Ami Ami and Reden International and is a steady member at the quarterly network meetings and regional reference group meetings, which also includes the police and other authorities. HopeNow also cooperates closely with Center against Human Trafficking and participates in meetings with the department of Gender under the Ministry of Foreign Affairs twice a year.

On a European level HopeNow is a member of La Strada Civil Society Platform, which consists of 25 European NGOs within the human trafficking area. In 2018 HopeNow, as an elected expert, was chosen to take part in EU’s Civil Society Platform to Combat Human Trafficking in Brussels. HopeNow has also been asked to contribute annually to both the reports made by GRETA (evaluation of the EU member states’ contribution in the human trafficking area) and TIP (global evaluation).

Knowledge Sharing and Knowledge Production

HopeNow prioritises knowledge sharing and believes that knowledge sharing and debate are incredibly important factors in the fight against human trafficking and improving the lives of victims of trafficking.

HopeNow shares knowledge in many different ways, for example:

HopeNow prioritises to hold a creative, informative event each year – if possible in connection with EU’s annual anti-trafficking day on the 18th of October. For example the documentary film ‘In Limbo’ was premiered in Cinemateket due to that occasion, and in 2019 HopeNow premiered a life narrative performance called ‘The Only Way Out is Through’ combining acting, dancing and singing in Dansekappellet, in cooperation with Mute Dance Theater.

Every year HopeNow holds lectures and shows films in boarding schools, high schools and other educational institutions. Likewise HopeNow each year teaches social work at DIS and at the Catholic University of Münich.

HopeNow has been consultants, co-writers and co-makers of eight documentary films about human trafficking, of which five have received international prizes. Some of them is used as training films by for example UNODC (United Nations Offices of Drugs and Crime). HopeNow has taken part in multiple radio- and television programmes and public debates – and is of course present at the social medias as well. Read more here.

HopeNow has filmed and made research in human trafficking in Nigeria and has great knowledge and expertise in African cultural and religious matters. HopeNow took part in the first UN conference in Vienna about indigenous practices pertaining to human trafficking and witch branding. In 2018 HopeNow co-made a small educational film about witch branding in Nigeria.

Long term support

Finally it should be mentioned that HopeNow provides long term support some times for many years – e.g. therapeutic and legal support – to an increasing number of women and men previously trafficked and now living permanently in Denmark –having left their previous lives, in which they were controlled by their traffickers. HopeNow also economically supports victims of trafficking in their home countries – e.g. HopeNow supports a woman in Nigeria, who was branded as a witch and a victim of trafficking, and is now studying to be a social worker.

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