Help Empower Trafficked People

At HopeNow, we outreach, we document, we provide empowerment and legal counselling and early prevention of re-trafficking. 

Membership includes:

  • Ensure and promote the human rights of trafficked people. 
  • Opportunity to attend special events for members only. 
  • An annual newsletter on HopeNow’s work and the latest knowledge on combatting human trafficking. 
  • Discount on workshops and lectures on human trafficking at your educational institutions. Please send an email to
  • The right to speak and vote after 12 months of full membership (annual 228 DKK) in the HopeNow General Assembly, where the board is elected. 
  • Only 19 DKK for membership per month. The fee is not tax-deductible. 
  • Terms and Conditions 


As a member, you support

Outreach in high-risk areas to identify potentially trafficked people: Outreach and social work in the prostitution environment on the streets of Copenhagen, in areas of forced labour, in danish prisons, detention centres, asylum centres, departure centres, and churches to identify trafficked people. We document indicators of trafficking and bridge-building between trafficked people and Danish authorities. 

Empowerment counselling: Therapeutic support and trauma therapy so that individuals can process trauma and gain improved self-esteem. Offer free meals, personal care necessities, and referrals to medical support

Free legal advice: We were awarded the European Crime Prevention Award in 2014 by the EU Crime Prevention Network (EUCPN) for setting a legal precedent for our preventive work against human trafficking. 

Provide support for rehabilitation/reintegration to prevent re-trafficking: Trafficked people are highly vulnerable to re-trafficking immediately after exiting a trafficking situation and en route to assistance. Victims of trafficking are frequently re-trafficked within two years or less of escaping a trafficking situation.

Teach and raise awareness of the rights of trafficked people: As soon as we have documentation and evidence of trafficking, we do our best to teach and raise awareness of trafficking through lectures and events in all of Denmark, as well as lobby and advocacy work for the rights and protection of trafficked people. 

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