5 indicators of trafficking

Who becomes trafficked? Often, people are trafficked by near acquaintances, close friends, family members, and sometimes aunts and uncles.

There is a certain degree of complexity when an immediate family member is involved. The vulnerability to exploitation is high when financial emergencies make people more susceptible to manipulation by family members.

Vulnerable people do not realise the consequences of their contractual agreements and rely on the kindness of trusted relatives.

The case of Peter

Peter worked as a cleaner to avoid the life of being forced to sell drugs in the streets. One day, the police made a control at his workplace.

The Case of James

James was told that he was scouted to become a soccer player in Europe. Instead… 

The case of Gloria

Her family paid hefty sums of money to “sponsors” so Gloria could work as a nanny in Europe. Instead…

A day in Court

HopeNow accompanied a trafficked person in court. Learn what happen.

The case of Jewel

After nights on the streets Jewel was losing hope. Instead she met a caseworker from HopeNow…

The Case of Evangeline

Like Cinderella she lost her parents very young. Her aunt forced her to work 16 hours every day. She sought to get away from that miserable life. Instead…

The Case of Amanda

She was trafficked to Japan as 17 year old girl. She ended up in Denmark and met a caseworker from HopeNow.

The Case of Vincent

He thought he was being scouted to play soccer in Denmark, instead he ended up picking up bottles to avoid selling drugs in streets. One day, he was caught..

The Case of Dora

Her trafficker forced her to be re-trafficked from Spain and back again in Denmark. 

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We hope that the cases offer journalists and academics, and students a starting point to portray the complex nature of human trafficking in a fair, balanced and ethical manner.

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